August 2017

Janso was overjoyed with the public response to his recent art show at the Anna Leonowens Gallery in Halifax.  He is especially grateful to Gallery Director Melanie Colosimo, and Kate Wolchuk, Exhibitions Co-ordinator, and the generosity of the Nova Scotia College for Art and Design for making his first solo exhibition in Canada possible.  Opening night was filled with family, friends and well wishers, and the two week show was covered by Local Xpress (click here to see the article) and Metro Halifax (click here to see the article).  A print publication and TV station in Kurdistan also featured items on Janso and his art – a kind of  “local boy makes good in Canada” story.  Recently, “Daedalus”, the academic publication of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences got in touch, and will feature one of Janso’s Aleppo paintings in their Fall issue, which will explore the societal impact of civil wars.

So what’s next?  In September, Janso will start a four month residency in studio space provided with the generosity of the MacPhee Centre for Creative Learning on Queen Street in Dartmouth, and will work towards a new show in December.  Janso would like to thank his family, and his Canadian sponsors and new friends for all their love and support.

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