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A Kurdish-Syrian refugee who arrived in Canada in November 2016, Janso has seen and experienced humanity from many different perspectives—which you will see and feel in his highly vivid and expressive murals, paintings and sculptures.

Born in 1974 in Al-Hasakah in northern Syria, Janso fled war and made his way to Lebanon, and finally on to Nova Scotia. Janso is an extremely versatile artist. Self-trained, he works in a number of different painting styles–from classical and renaissance-era to modern—and in a variety of media, including sculpting, bas relief, trompe l’oeil, and highly intricate decorative arts.

There is nothing Janso will not attempt. He is an exuberant artist who loves a challenge and is eager to show his talent to Canadians.

Janso’s powerful story has been told in the local media. For more information, check out CBC’s profile of Janso and his family.